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Electrical and computer engineering at the UA is all about integrating emerging and existing systems to create, for example, new products for faster, safer computing; better healthcare; and more efficient energy systems.

This highly ranked UA Engineering department tops the lists of many students looking to work on smart grids, autonomous systems, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, big data, mobile health, cloud computing, and many other emerging technologies.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

The department offers an online BS for transfer students and is working toward providing all Electrical and Computer Engineering courses online.

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Academics in UA electrical and computer engineering are student centered. Core classes incorporate discussion, one-on-one help, hands-on activities and team projects.

Though students interested in electrical engineering tend to focus on power systems, signal processing and telecommunications and computer engineering students focus on the design of software, computer chips, sensors and robotic systems, the two areas are well integrated in the electrical and computer engineering degree program.

· Autonomous systems and robotics
· Biomedical technologies
· Circuits, microelectronics, and VLSI
· Communications, coding and information theory
· Computer architecture and cloud computing
· Optics, photonics, and THz devices and systems
· Signal, image and video processing
· Software engineering and embedded systems
· Wireless networking, security, and systems

The department offers an online BS for transfer students and is working toward providing all Electrical and Computer Engineering courses online.

Electrical & Computer Engineering Program

Thanks to software donated by Keysight Technologies, ECE students can be certified as industry-ready in the radio frequency and microwave fields.

Research Opportunities

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Arizona has for more than a century been in the vanguard of every major technological advance we see around us today. Now, our sights are firmly set on the energy systems and computers of the not-so-distant future, and we are working in areas such as:

  • Wireless technology to enable doctors to monitor patient care in real time from remote locations.
  • Biomedical sensors and devices and big data applications that will, for example, diagnose cancer sooner.
  • Smart grids for the control and automation of increasingly advanced and efficient energy systems.
  • Real-time autonomous computer systems to predict and protect nations from life-threatening cyberattacks.

Outside the Classroom

Engineers are not made in the classroom alone – an invaluable part of training takes place in student clubs — such as IEEE and the Arizona Solar Racing Team — and on interdisciplinary design teams. In the Capstone 498 Course, for example, students work with industry partners to solve R&D challenges.

Career Paths

Demand for electrical and computer engineers in all industries continues to grow as companies adopt and integrate new technologies and invest in making their systems bigger, better and faster.

Most of our students have excellent job offers even before they graduate — at companies such as Raytheon, Intel, IBM, Qualcomm, Motorola, Microsoft, Honeywell, Texas Instruments, GM, Agilent, NASA, Boeing and Pixar. Our alumni hold leadership positions throughout the world.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree