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The guidelines below help high school graduates apply through the University of Arizona system for admission to the College of Engineering.

Evaluation Criteria Application Process Declaring Major

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Evaluation Criteria

The University of Arizona and the College of Engineering perform a comprehensive review of students applying for admission. In particular, the following will be considered:

  • Core GPA as defined by the Arizona Board of Regents

  • Math and science course completion/grades

  • Senior year coursework

  • Rigor of high school classes (AP, IB, honors, etc.)

  • Optional personal statement

Please note: Standardized test scores are not required. The College of Engineering has suspended the use of ACT and SAT test scores for the entering class of summer/fall 2021. Even if scores are submitted to the university, they will not be considered in the admission review process for Engineering. Test scores may be utilized in some instances; for example, to clear ABOR academic deficiencies or to support course placement prior to enrollment. For more information, visit the University of Arizona Office of Admissions.


Application Process

  • Complete the University of Arizona online application, and indicate Engineering, No Major Selected as your intended major.

  • Self-report your grades, referencing an unofficial transcript or a copy of your report cards. Prior to the start of your freshman year, the University will verify your coursework pending submission of an official transcript.

You will receive your admission decision via email and a paper admissions packet.

Once you have been admitted to the College of Engineering, log in to the NextSteps Center to do the following:

  • Take the ALEKS math placement exam when available and, if needed, the writing and second language placement exams.

  • Complete the required registration for New Student Orientation.

  • Fill out the Residence Life application.

  • Submit your immunization records.

  • Send final official high school transcripts, when prompted by UA Admissions.


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Application Process
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Declaring Your Major

You will be enrolled as Engineering, No Major Selected, until you are ready to declare your major and have met the requirements. The College of Engineering provides an exploratory course – Engineering 102 – to assist students in selecting the right degree program. The major declaration process is non-competitive, with no caps or quotas.

If you are also admitted to the University of Arizona Honors College, you may be given an opportunity prior to orientation to pre-select one of the College’s 15 Engineering Majors.

Declaring a Major

Reapplying or Changing to the College of Engineering

If you are an incoming student accepted to a non-Engineering major and you wish to be re-evaluated for admission to the College of Engineering, please fill out the online request form.

Not Accepted to the College of Engineering

Students who selected but were not admitted to the College of Engineering must submit new qualifying information (seventh- or eighth-semester high school transcripts, college/university transcripts, ALEKS math placement score) to the Office of Admissions before their requests will be considered.

Engineering Not Chosen on Application

Students who did not select Engineering, or for whom it was not a first choice, are not required to resubmit qualifying information. The college will review your initial UA application.

Currently Enrolled

If you are already enrolled at the UA, please see Declaring an Engineering Major.


To request a transcript or a captioned version of this audio material as a disability-related accommodation, please contact communications@engr.arizona.edu.

What #ENGRCATS Need to Know About Math Placement

Engineers use math (and science) as the foundation of everything they do – and #ENGRCats are no different. Before you even begin your coursework on campus, you can take steps to prepare for a successful math journey.

  • If you have one, submit your ACT/SAT to UA. Standardized testing is not being utilized in the summer/fall 2021 admissions review process – however, you can use an ACT or SAT score to help determine your appropriate initial math placement. (See the score chart here.) Submission of this score will have no effect on your admission to the college. With or without a test score, you’ll still be encouraged to take UA’s math placement assessment.

  • Learn about the ALEKS PPL. The ALEKS is UA’s math placement exam.  Read all about the exam and what to expect here. Although our 4-year degree plans begin with Calculus I, it is far more important to begin your academic career in the correct math class; you may need, or want, to start in another course to increase strength and confidence in math. We recommend taking the ALEKS PPL as soon it appears in your Next Steps Center. This allows time to review and re-test, if desired.

  • Think ahead for AP or Dual Enrollment. If you’re currently enrolled in AP or dual enrollment coursework senior year, you may also utilize these scores and/or classes to gain credit toward your degree (and to help with determining your math placement, too). To see the full list of AP exam scores and affiliated UA courses, visit this site. You’ll have the opportunity to submit these scores prior to your New Student Orientation. (And, you should plan to tell your advisor about any expected AP or dual enrollment credit during your 1:1 virtual advising appointment at New Student Orientation, too.)

  • Brush up on some resources. The goal of the ALEKS exam is to make sure you’re being matched into the right course for you based on your most current preparation in math. This does not mean, however, that you can’t practice or prepare before taking the exam! You can review the study guide on the Math website prior to the launch of the exam, or check out some resources put together by the College of Engineering here.

Declaring a Major
contact For information on UA Engineering freshmen admissions, call 520.621.6032, or email engr-admissions@arizona.edu.

Admissions Guidelines

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Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Transfer Students
Students who've earned 12 or more credits from another institution

International Students

International Students

International Students
Non-U.S. citizens without permanent residence status

Current Students

Current Students

Current Students
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Readmitted Students

Readmitted Students

Readmitted Students
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