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Engineering 102 High School (ENGR 102 HS) is a three unit, dual credit, UA course for high school students who want to learn more about engineering. Since ENGR 102 is a required course for all UA engineering students, those who take it in high school get a head start on their freshman year of college. The ENGR 102 HS credit is transferable to all Arizona public institutions of higher learning as well as to most of those out of state.

ENGR 102 HS is taught in participating high schools by trained high school teachers. This award-winning, hands-on course is offered in 32 high schools across Arizona and California. Students who sign up pay significantly reduced tuition. High school juniors and seniors who are taking pre-calculus or above may enroll. Check here to see if your school offers ENGR 102 HS.

While taking ENGR 102 HS, students learn about opportunities in various engineering fields and experience how engineers improve people’s lives. In addition to the solar oven project, catapults and paper helicopter design and build, high school teachers and their students select additional topics to study throughout the school year, for example:

    • Solar go-karts
    • Cellphone chargers
    • Robotics
    • Balsa wood bridges
    • Arduino microprocessor activities
    • Duct tape canoes
    • Neuro Engineering projects
    • Design and build a Biomechanical hand
    • Model an artificial heart valve
    • Design for artificial bone growth

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Hands-on Prep for College

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Participating High Schools

High School Teacher Location
Andrada Polytechnic High School  Justin Villard Vail
Brophy Prep Kevin Elinski Phoenix
Buena High School Amy Martinez Sierra Vista
Canyon Del Oro High School Sara Arnold Oro Valley
Catalina Foothills High School Bryan Reyes Tucson
Chaparral High School Steve Geislinger Scottsdale
Cibola High School Steven Fritz Yuma
Corona Del Sol High School Mel Wendell Scottsdale
CREST/Paradise Valley Reeni Samuel Phoenix
Desert View High School Richard Duarte Tucson
Desert Vista High School Rick Schapler Phoenix
Empire High School Jeff Ofstedahl Vail
East Valley IT Alexander Anzar Phoenix
Fairmont Prep Lily Lin Anaheim, CA
Flowing Wells High School William Golden Tucson
Gila Ridge High School  Travis Bogart Yuma
High School Teacher Location
Hamilton High School Chuck Weeks Chandler
Ironwood High School Chuck Balogh Glendale
Ironwood Ridge High School Carmen Shugert
Oro Valley
Liberty High School Travis Hutchison Peoria
Mica Mountain High School Derek Langley Vail
Mountain Point High School Nick Bonds Phoenix
Mountain View High School David Class Marana
Notre Dame Prep Tony Cesarano Scottsdale
Pusch Ridge Academy  Caleb Clinkingbeard Tucson
Saguaro High School Susan Lindberg Phoenix
Sahuaro High School Benjamin Davis Tucson
Salpointe Catholic High School Cecilia Gossler Tucson
Seton Catholic Preparatory Michael Foor Chandler
Sonoran Academy- Davis Monthan Jaidev Sharma Tucson
Sonoran Academy- Tucson Gokhan Mutcali Tucson
The Gregory School Dennis Conner Tucson
University High School Mike Schmidt Tucson


If you are an educator at one of these schools and have students interested in signing up, please see ENGR 102 HS Registration.

Goals for the ENGR 102 HS Curriculum

  • Demonstrate how engineers use math and science to help people in a variety of global, economic, environmental, and cultural settings.
  • Increase high school students’ belief in their ability to pursue and succeed in the engineering profession.
  • Offer students an inside look at the UA College of Engineering through campus visits and lab tours.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, high school students receive 3 units of required UA coursework at significantly reduced tuition.

Responsibilities of the Participating High Schools

  • High schools participating in ENGR 102 HS will provide a classroom and qualified instructor.
  • To maintain a diverse classroom experience, high schools are required to enroll 10 to 25 students per class.
  • High schools are asked to verify student co-enrollment of pre-calculus or above when enrolling in ENGR 102 HS.
  • High schools and teachers will maintain communication with the UA regarding the progress of the students and keep abreast of other administrative issues.
  • High school teachers will turn in course evaluations and student grades at the end of each school year.
  • Instructors use UA’s system to report final grades and to access course materials.
  • Instructors attend 4-day (for new instructors) or 2-day (returning instructors) workshop, generally held in July.

Responsibilities of the University of Arizona

  • The College of Engineering will supply the participating high schools with a basic curriculum as well as assist teachers with new project development.
  • Develop, coordinate and conduct the summer workshops for teacher training.
  • Facilitate enrollment of participating students into the University of Arizona as a non-degree students.
  • The College of Engineering will provide a budget based on enrollment and fulfill orders of additional course materials and supplies within the set budget. 
  • Coordinate directly with participating high schools with regards to University of Arizona & College of Engineering admission and specialized campus visits

More information about how students register for ENGR 102 HS can be found here:

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ENGR 102 HS in the News

EPICS High School

Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS), is a service learning program that many participating schools include as part of their ENGR 102 HS course.  High school students in the program work with mentors in engineering fields on real-world projects that help members of their communities. Past projects include: a portable wheelchair swing and a waterwheel science demo for school children.

EPICS, which originated at Purdue University, was created to increase student interest in STEM fields and to meet the engineering needs of nonprofit organizations.  EPICS takes place in hundreds of high schools throughout the United States. Currently, 2 ENGR 102 HS classrooms participate in EPICS service-learning projects.

The University of Arizona supports high school teachers to implement and grow EPICS High programs.

We can help you:

  • Identify community partners and engineering mentors
  • Develop project ideas
  • Acquire project materials and supplies. ENGR 102 HS instructors receive additional funding towards the completion of their EPICS project

EPICS High School

“Students see what it means to work on a project with a real customer, hard deadlines and real-life consequences. They realize they are capable of so much more than they give themselves credit for.”

Sarah Streb, Salpointe ENGR 102 HS teacher

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