First-Year Experience

Catapult First-Year Experience provides engineering students from underrepresented groups an immediate Wildcat Engineering community through linked courses, peer mentors, and exclusive opportunities to meet faculty and preview careers.

Linked Courses

Depending on math placement, Catapult students take 2-4 courses together with a small group of peers during the fall semester of their first year. Linked courses include engineering, math, chemistry, and success/transition courses specially designed for Catapult students.


Calculus Placement Schedule


Pre-calculus Placement Schedule


Algebra Placement Schedule

Peer Mentors

Experienced engineering students volunteer as mentors to guide Catapult participants through their first year in engineering. Mentors help students connect to clubs, academic support, and the #ENGRCat community – through both social and educational happenings.

Faculty Interaction

From shared meals to exclusive lab tours, events with professors give Catapult students an early opportunity to form relationships with Arizona’s top educators and researchers.

Ready to apply?

To participate in the Catapult First-Year Experience, fill out this application prior to the start of your first year and you’ll be contacted by program staff.

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Catapult First-Year Students
Catapult First-Year Students
Catapult First-Year Students
For more information about Catapult, please call 520.626.3990 or email