REAL Work (Research, Engineering Advocacy, and Leadership) provides paid research-related opportunities for undergraduates beginning in their sophomore year. Students complete research projects and can showcase their work for youth considering STEM majors in college.

Faculty Mentorship:

REAL Work students collaborate with an engineering professor who guides their research. Faculty members who are interested in learning more about mentoring a REAL Work student should complete this form.

Staff Support:

Students meet bi-weekly with ENGAGED program staff to set and discuss goals and to reflect on wins and challenges in their professional development.

Peer-to-Peer Learning:

REAL Work students come together monthly to hone research skills like finding research articles, understanding abstracts, and explaining technical research to a non-technical audience.

Spring Poster Session:

At the end of the academic year, students design a research poster to present at a session open to the public.






REAL Work students inspire high school students to learn more about engineering and get better prepared for the engineering curriculum through community outreach efforts. REAL Work students attend leadership training and may propose their own outreach efforts, with help from ENGAGED program staff.  If you are interested in coordinating a presentation with a REAL Work student in your classroom or with your organization, please let us know here

Read about REAL Work Sophmores Gain Research Experience on the College of Engineering News site.

Students interested in REAL Work should apply by April 30th using this application.

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Mentorship Opportunities

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For more information about REAL Work, please call 520.626.3990 or email